‘No days off.’ Wet workouts, Toonerville Music Festival goes on despite rainy weather

The rain did not stop some people from enjoying their day in Westchester County.
In New Rochelle, coach and athlete Anthony Briggs was spotted at Glen Island Park disregarding the rainy weather with a workout.
“I’m a coach for Vertex High School, so I always motivate my kids to do extra, so I have to lead by example," Briggs said. "No days off."
Briggs said he'll work out in all types of weather and wants to inspire the kids that he coaches to do the same.
"I've been training since I was probably in seventh grade, so the weather doesn't affect me. It's a mindset," Briggs said.
To keep that park operable for patrons like Briggs, crews were seen placing sandbags near a pavilion near the beach. Workers said that they've had problems with high tides from the beach flooding parts of the park in the past.
In Pelham, music lovers turned out for the Toonerville Music Festival, which kicked off around noon on Saturday. Officials encouraged folks who stopped by to avoid bringing umbrellas and instead wear ponchos, like Marissa Kam.
"We're here to see Summer Fling," Kam said.
Kam said the group is one of her favorite bands.
"They have a good sound, they're good kids…you should be looking out for it," she said.
Spin Doctors, the festival's headliner, is scheduled to take the main stage just after 8:30 p.m.