Nonprofit for veterans may soon close

A local nonprofit that has helped thousands of Bronx veterans when they returned home from war is in danger of shutting down.
Whether they have come back from war depressed, homeless or just need somewhere to turn, veterans have come to Devil Dog USA Incorporated in Belmont for help.
"When I joined this organization, I started talking to other vets," says Frank Davila. "It helped me realize that I'm not the only one having these kinds of thoughts."
Devil Dog opened its doors two years ago when military veteran Gonzalo Duran, 29, founded the organization. "I had faced homelessness and unemployment just like many veterans coming back home," he says. "I decided to do something about it."
The organization has helped thousands of veterans with housing, mental-health and financial issues, according to Duran.
Duran learned a little while ago that his extension for government funds was denied, meaning his program faces closure. "It's a shame that when we leave, there's nothing left behind to help them," says Duran.
The organization is calling on local leaders and businesses to chip in to raise the thousands of dollars needed to keep the organization open for Bronx veterans.