North Salem School District parents urge school board to add 2nd school resource officer

Parents in the North Salem School District are pushing for the school board to add a second security resource officer, or SRO.
The district has two schools -- the current SRO teeters between Pequenakonck Elementary School and North Salem Middle/High School. The buildings are less than a mile away from one another.
Some parents say they don’t think that is enough.
“Two is obviously better than one, especially in an open campus,” says parent Eric Buzzetto
Parent Kathleen Whalen adds, “We just think that's stretching one person way too thin.”
The board voted in favor of a second SRO over the summer and to have them in palace by Sept. 1.
"So, September has long come and gone -- at this point we haven't seen any additional security,” Whalen says.
In early November, another vote was held ending with the decision to not move forward with another SRO.
One parent, who is also a retired police officer, told News 12 she is disappointed in this decision.
"Two board members who voted 'no' are first responders working in the community and I am ashamed that they would not make the safety of the students and staff a top priority,” she says.
The superintendent says while they do not have the funding in the current 2022-23 budget, the possibility to fund a second SRO will be considered for next year's 2023-24 proposed budget.
Parents say they plan to attend the school district's next board meeting Wednesday night in an effort to find a way to put the issue back on the table.