Nutley residents angered over delayed trash pickup

Something stinks in one Essex County town, and it turns out it is an overabundance of trash.
Nutley residents tell News 12 New Jersey that their garbage hasn't been picked up by trash collectors since before Memorial Day.
Piles of garbage bags and cans lined many streets in the town. Neighbors say there are flies everywhere, as well as a bad smell.
"I've called but haven't gotten any answer. I thought they were on strike," says resident Don Scherer.
"The taxes we pay in Nutley are pretty high," says resident Ed Dowe. "I don't know why it's not being picked up."
Nutley officials say that the reason is that the company contracted to haul away the trash, Future Sanitation, wasn't able to keep up with the trash demand after two of their trucks broke down the week before Memorial Day.
Officials have temporarily hired another contractor this week to pick up the slack. Nutley's director of public affairs says that he had to declare a temporary emergency to legally be able to hire the second hauling company.
Officials will also be meeting with Future Sanitation to find out why the company got so far behind on the job.
Most of the trash is expected to be picked up by Tuesday morning.