NYPD asks Yonkers PD to prep for NYC asylum seekers to possibly be sent to Yonkers hotel

City officials say the NYPD informed the Yonkers Police Department to be prepared for a possible location at The Ramada Inn on Tuckahoe Road.

News 12 Staff

May 12, 2023, 9:10 PM

Updated 374 days ago


Yonkers could be the next location to which New York City sends asylum seekers.
New York City officials confirmed Friday night that asylum seekers will be coming to The Ramada Inn on Tuckahoe Road as early as Sunday.
The migrants will stay in the 100 rooms the city booked to house them.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbot has been sending migrants to New York City since last summer, straining the city’s shelters.
Recently, Mayor Eric Adams started sending the asylum seekers to the suburbs where he has encountered some resistance like in Rockland and Dutchess counties.
A source in Adams’ office said they are working with local officials. Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, however, told News 12 that no one from New York City reached out to him.
“We’re willing to do our part, but we need a better plan and the better plan here is any plan, because there is no plan,” Spano said.
Spano added that he also needs to know who is paying for this. Adams’ office told News 12 that the migrants will receive the same services as those in New York City's care.

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