Orange County nurse says moving company never delivered her belongings

An Orange County nurse who is working on the front lines during the pandemic is warning others about a possible COVID-19 moving scam, after she left the state and her belongings seemingly disappeared.
Washingtonville registered nurse Amanda Nazzaro spent four months working on the front lines in New York before she hired the Florida-based moving company "Razor Van Lines" to help her relocate to Texas in July.
"The total overall was over $4,000," she says.
Nazzaro says the work was contracted to Move Smart, a company based out of New Jersey that picked up her things in July.
She said it was basically everything she owned, but it was never delivered to them as promised.
Nazzaro says Move Smart blamed delays on the pandemic, but four months later she believes her property is gone. She reached out to News12 for help.
News 12 got ahold of someone after 40 minutes, but the conversation didn't go well.
News 12 also tried to reach out to Razor Van Lines for comment but was hung up on when we called.
While the registered nurse has no idea if she'll ever see her belongings again, she wants her experience to serve as a reminder to others to research moving companies.