Pandemic restrictions, curfews force businesses and public to pivot for NYE

The much-anticipated annual New Year's Eve celebration in White Plains that brings thousands of people to downtown is canceled this year because of COVID-19.
It was a decision that saddened Mayor Tom Roach, but he says he knew it was the responsible thing to do.
"It's not easy to give up traditions, but this is the year to do it," he said. "But we will be right back to it next year and appreciating it all the more."
The celebration has been one that's brought increased business to restaurants and bars on Mamaroneck Avenue.
Brian Mohan of Hudson Grill says he, like many other businesses, must adhere to the COVID-19 restrictions and operate at 50% capacity indoors and close by 10 p.m. on New Year's Eve.
"We don't have too many reservations at the moment, plus when you're closing us down at 10 o'clock -- obviously, celebrations are at 12 -- I think that's going to be a lot different for everybody," Mohan said.
With cases rising, many people are seemingly forced to plan celebrations with their immediate family at home, ordering their favorite takeout or enjoying a meal at a local restaurant.
The White Plains Business Improvement District will be featuring its first ever "WP Restaurant Month" starting on Jan. 2 in an effort to help struggling businesses stay successful, even after the new year.