Parents reminded of bullying warning signs in wake of fatal I.S. 117 stabbing

Parents are being reminded to know the warning signs of bullying in the wake of a tragic school stabbing in the borough. 
Experts say that parents should look out for changes in their child's behavior, trouble sleeping, isolation or refusal to go to school. It's also important to know your children's friends and have frequent conversations with them about their day-to-day experiences. 
Parents are advised to seek help from administrators if their student is being threatened or bullied at school, and should not give up if they are met with resistance.
Experts say prolonged bullying can lead to depression, isolation, violence and even suicide.
Bullying may have been at the core of a dispute between two 14-year-old students at I.S. 117 in Mount Hope, leading to the fatal stabbing of Timothy Crump, allegedly at the hands of his classmate Noel Estevez.