Pleasantville family hopes to expand home for daughter with special needs

A Pleasantville family is searching for a contractor to help expand their home, as the challenges brought by COVID-19 and raising a little girl with special needs are mounting.
The Ryan family says a remodeling of the home would be life changing. Emma, 7, has a severe form of Ogden syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder, and relies on a wheelchair or her parents to get around. As she grows, it’s become apparent that their house will need to grow with her.
“It’s going to be redesigned so Emma…won't be stuck in her room all the time," says Chris Ryan, an FDNY firefighter who battled throat cancer in 2018.
The community has rallied around the family before, helping them purchase a van. Now, the family is hoping to make their dream home a reality.
"If there's a contractor out there who wants to work with us…not for free of course, but…It's mind bogglingly expensive," says Ryan.
A GoFundMe campaign, which tells the family’s story, has already raised more than $150,000.