Pleasantville filmmakers document events in Capitol

Two local filmmakers were in the middle of the chaos documenting, watching and recording as events unfolded at the Capitol on Wednesday.
Pleasantville residents Andrea Garbarini and Shane McGaffey say they were never seriously worried about their safety when it came to violence and that most of the protesters the encountered were overwhelmingly peaceful.
It was during the march toward the Capitol where they sensed a shift in emotions, especially when they passed the Justice Department. "Everybody was just sort of marching. But all of a sudden, as we passed the Justice Department, people stopped and started saying "do your jobs." And getting very angry. They feel the Justice Department didn't do its job and is complicit in helping to steal the election."
Gabarini says the protesters she spoke to thought the election was stolen and felt compelled to take back the country.
She says they stayed relatively far away from the steps of the Capitol because most people weren't wearing masks. "We were not right up front by the Capitol. It was a pretty peaceful demonstration...but obviously there were things happening in the Capitol building," says Garbarini.