Mamaroneck, Pelham Manor police search for suspects in organized car jackings

In all three cases, a car would wait by the car washes to see when a car was left unattended with the keys still inside and then quickly drive up to the business. Someone would then jump out and drive off with the car.

Jonathan Gordon

Feb 15, 2023, 10:12 PM

Updated 468 days ago


Police in two Sound Shore communities are investigating a string of vehicle thefts taking place at car washes.
On Monday, thieves stole a car from Diamond Car Wash on Halstead Avenue in Mamaroneck around 1 p.m.
Eight hours later, another car was stolen from Pelham Manor Car Wash in Pelham Manor on Boston Post Road.
On Tuesday, a third car was nabbed around 3:45 p.m. from Dip-In Car Wash on Mamaroneck Avenue in Mamaroneck.
Police say the same scenario played out in all three cases.
A car with stolen plates waited near the car wash until a car was left unattended after being dried. The suspect drove up to the car wash, someone hopped into the unlocked car with a key in the ignition, and quickly drove off.
Police said they chased the first stolen car on I-95 before eventually letting the car go because it was traveling at a dangerously high rate of speed. That first car was eventually recovered in College Point, Queens with its plates removed and replaced with stolen ones.
The other car stolen out of Mamaroneck is still missing as of Wednesday evening, according to police.
Pelham Manor police has not yet responded to our request for an update on the stolen car out of its jurisdiction.
Mamaroneck officials say no one has been arrested.
Police say criminals take the legal license plates off of stolen cars and put them on other vehicles to make it more difficult to be caught while committing future crimes.
Officials believe the thefts are connected and part of an organized ring.

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