Police crack down on Suffern quarry trespassers

Police have been cracking down on people sneaking into a quarry in Suffern.
Linda Anderson often visits her friend on Tilton Road in Suffern. She says every day this summer, people walk past the house to find a hidden quarry nearby. The quarry is on private property, but more than 30 people were arrested last week for trespassing.
"I've warned thousands of kids that have pulled up in car loads and I say don't risk yourself,” she says.
The gates on the property are locked, but police say the kids are hopping the fence and even climbing up onto the railroad tracks to get in.
Ramapo police say a lot of the kids come to swim but that it's just not safe.
"The water is dangerous because there are areas where you could be walking in the water and there is a sudden drop-off and it would be unexpected,” says Capt. Reilly, of the Ramapo Police Department.
Police say the issue has been going on for years.  They say there have been no drownings there this year and that they want to keep it that way.
The violators arrested are facing fines and up to two weeks in jail.