Police seize $30K worth of drugs in Pomona bust

Police say they arrested three people on drug charges and seized more than $30,000 worth of Ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana from a Pomona trailer park.
According to police, officers stopped a car for overly tinted windows when they noticed the driver shoving a bag down his pants. Investigators say the bag, held by 20-year-old Phillip Edouard, contained an ounce of marijuana. Statements by the passenger, 29-year-old Victor Esteban, eventually led them to the trailer with a Route 45 address.
Police say when they went to the residence, they saw marijuana in open view. A later search allegedly found 339 Ecstasy pills worth more than $20,000, a quarter-pound of cocaine worth $10,000 and nearly a half-pound of marijuana worth $2,000. Police arrested Roharil Cruz, 19, at the residence.