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Police: Several Yonkers officers recovering after possible drug exposure

The police commissioner John Mueller says a gunman threatened to shoot everyone on sight on Ravine Avenue and it's believed they were exposed while searching him.

News 12 Staff

May 8, 2021, 4:36 PM

Updated 1,139 days ago


Several Yonkers police officers are recovering after a possible drug exposure Friday night, officials say. 
Police Commissioner John Mueller says a gunman identified as 30-year-old Quamaine Robinson was waving a gun, arguing with himself and threatened to shoot everyone on sight on Ravine Avenue. 
It's believed the officers were exposed while searching Robinson.  
Commissioner Mueller said in a statement that multiple officers started feeling sick to the point of semi-consciousness and one officer fell and struck his head on the pavement.  
“We believe that while searching the perpetrator, they were exposed to dangerous drugs,” Commissioner Mueller said. “We are running tests right now to determine exactly what." 
Several officers were hospitalized but have been released.   
The suspect was also hospitalized.  
Investigators have yet to determine the drug that made the officers so sick.

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