Port Jervis mom: 2-year-old had marks on body from being dragged across room at day care

An Orange County day care and employee are under investigation for child abuse.
Amanda Parish, of Port Jervis, says she found marks on her 2-year-old son Austin in June.
Parish says the marks were a result of being forcefully dragged across the room by an employee at Children's Safe Stay day care.
Parish says she notified facility staff, who found surveillance video of the incident and showed it to her.
"You could visibly see him screaming. She came out … and grabbed his arm and dragged him to the corner," she says.
Parish says she contacted Orange County Child Protective Services after the facility refused to terminate the employee. Parish gave News 12 paperwork from CPS showing "credible evidence was found" of mistreatment and abuse.
Parish has since moved her son to another day care.
News 12 reached out to Children's Safe Stay, which said it's disputing the allegations and findings with the county but wouldn't comment whether the employee is still there.
Parish says she wants her experience to serve as a warning to other parents.
Orange County Child Protective Services says it does not comment on active CPS investigations.