Poster campaign in Scarsdale urges release of Israeli hostages

There is a local call for the safe return of hostages now in the hands of Hamas militants in Gaza.
A group of Jewish residents in Scarsdale plastered posters identifying kidnapped Israelis at the Scarsdale Metro-North station.
The posters are part of grassroots effort to keep this issue in the public eye and urge U.S. lawmakers to help bring the 199 hostages home, about a dozen of whom are American.
The majority of the hostages are civilians and were taken as Hamas militants murdered hundreds of Israelis at the start of the war.
The campaign has drawn backlash, Monday someone took down many of the posters at the Scarsdale station and similar incidents have played out in New York City.
"I don't have a firsthand understanding of why they were taken down other than they see some sort of justification for the killing and hostage taking of civilians," said Scarsdale resident Guy Baron.
On Tuesday, Baron and two other Scarsdale residents put posters back up at the train station.