Proposed legislation calls for stricter regulations on teen tanning in Rockland

A new proposal in Rockland County would make it more difficult for some teens to tan at tanning salons.Legislator Alden Wolfe (D-Suffern) is proposing a law requiring parents to be present if their 16 or 17-year-olds are tanning. Wolfe believes parents would keep their teens from staying in the beds too long. If the legislation passes, people younger than 16 wouldn't be able to use the tanning beds at all. The proposal would also require salons to have signs posted about the dangers of tanning.Joe Zanelotti owns Tropical Tanning in New City. Zanelotti thinks it's enough that he requires 14 through 17-year-olds to have a parent's signature before they tan. The law needs to go through the Multi-Services Committee before it goes to the Legislature.