Putnam County sheriff won't enforce Cuomo's limited-gatherings order in homes on Thanksgiving

The Putnam County sheriff says he will not be using resources to enforce the new state order that limits Thanksgiving dinner guests allowed around the table.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order prohibiting gatherings of more than 10 people indoors, including in private homes. He also urged New Yorkers to have small Thanksgiving dinners to avoid spreading the virus.
However, Putnam County Sheriff Robert Langley Jr. says he believes their resources could be put to better use than to disrupt families celebrating.
Langley said in a statement, "I'm not certain of what the correct number for safety would be and doubt if anyone does. Rather than issuing orders, which are at best, impossible to enforce, and at worst unconstitutional, the governor would better serve the people of New York if he encouraged our citizens to be cautious, use good judgment in weighing risk factors, protect the vulnerable and enjoy our families and our great gathering traditions only in ways that are safe, until we can get back to normal."