Relief program offers cash assistance for those facing foreclosure due to COVID-19

A new relief program is helping those facing foreclosure due to COVID-19.
Community Housing Innovations of White Plains is among the companies working to help those affected by COVID-19.
Just over a month ago, the company announced the availability of $600,000 in Financial Cash Assistance for those who are facing foreclosure due to the pandemic - as part of a larger effort by Westchester County.
The grant will go directly to lenders for essential costs and will help people who have been delinquent on payments due the effects of the virus.
The company says the general response has been less than expected and with the remaining money no longer available after Dec. 30, it is urging people to act now.
Those who are interested in applying for a grant or finding more about the program, Community Housing Innovations asks that people email them at or call them at 914-595-0992.