Residents allowed to retrieve valuables after fatal Yonkers fire

Residents of a Yonkers apartment building severely damaged in a fire last week were allowed to retrieve valuables Wednesday before the five-story complex is shut down for good.
The fire at 1 Hawley Terrace started in a fifth-floor apartment. Robert Reilly, the man living in that apartment, did not survive the fire.
Resident Angela Lake lived on the third floor of the building and says her apartment sustained a lot of water damage.
"It's all waterlogged,” she says. “The ceilings are ready to come down. Everything is wet. Everything is ruined."
Other apartments had caved-in ceilings and buckling walls due to the amount and force of the water used to put out the flames.
It's not clear yet what caused the fire, but people who live in the co-op blame it on a cigarette. They’re also wondering if there was a malfunction in the fire alarms. There are 60 apartments in the building, but not everyone heard the fire alarms go off.
Inspectors say it appears as if the fire alarms did function on the fifth and sixth floors, but fire alarms on lower floors may not have gone off because they didn't yet detect the smoke or flames.