Residents call for change after baby thrown in crash

Woodlawn residents are calling for a traffic overhaul after a collision Sunday that reportedly threw a baby from a vehicle.
According to witnesses, a white car raced passed a city bus on E. 233rd Street near Webster Avenue and hit an SUV head-on. They say they also saw a baby thrown from one vehicle and two people crawling to safety.
Police confirm one person was trapped inside one of the vehicles and four people were taken to Jacobi Medical Center.
Some residents believe it was only a matter of time before a major accident occurred in the area. "Too many people coming from the Deegan, from the Bronx River," said witness Chris Gillette. "So 233rd Street is off limits to any driver trying to get somewhere."
Neighbors want to see more traffic lights added to E. 233rd Street. The group Transportation Alternatives says six accidents have occurred in the area since 1999. However, the Department of Transportation has no record of accidents in the area.