Revitalization underway on Mount Vernon's water and sewer infrastructure solutions

Revitalizations are underway for Mount Vernon to help the city address its water and sewer infrastructure woes.
Gov. Kathy Hochul was in attendance as crews broke ground on the "Third Street Sewer project", which will eventually allow the city to get rid of this temporary bypass pump that's been here for nearly three years and prevent raw sewage from backing up into the homes of 5,000 residents.
"Today we are on a path, on a long journey but we are moving forward. And this is how we start righting the wrongs of the past," said Hochul.
Just last year, Gov. Hochul was in Mount Vernon to announce $150 million going toward the city's faltering sewer system, with crews digging down 100 feet to replace 10-inch sewer lines.
"The wastewater sewer system in Mount Vernon is by far the most neglected in New York state," she added.
"Ninety percent of our sewer system and storm water system have been digitally mapped. We would not be able to do the work," said Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard.
Howard acknowledged the project to be completed as early as November but estimates it will take close to a decade to completely repair the city's sewer infrastructure. He also announced a new program to replace lead pipes to ensure water is safe to drink.