Riding along: Stony Point Highway Department tackles hilly roads in snowy conditions

News 12 rode along with a Stony Point Highway Department employee to check out road conditions on Tuesday
Stony Point has nine plow routes to maintain 53 miles of roads. 
The plow route for Mike Finnerty, who has been with the department for 28 years, is 6 miles of roads, some of which are steep. 
He and other highway crews began to clear roads from snow around midnight. 
By Tuesday afternoon, Finnerty says he had done his route about six times and changed the plow blades on a few trucks. 
But the work will not stop when the snow does because temperatures are expected to plummet - making for icy surfaces. 
The town's superintendent of highways Karl Javenes tells News 12, "before we go today, we will make sure everything is salted up and safe for everyone to travel in."
Their trucks are said to hold a few tons of salt.