Riverhead gets ready for incoming snowstorm

Town officials on the East End are preparing to get hit hard by this weekend's storm.
Workers are expected at the Riverhead Highway Department through Saturday as the eastern part of Long Island is expected to be hardest hit.
Road crews will be out before the first snow falls to pretreat the roads.
"Tomorrow we're going to bring some roads, kind of pretreat with calcium chloride, salt-brine mix," says Riverhead Highway Department Superintendent Mike Zaleski. "But just have every truck plow on and already loaded with salt and sand and ready to go."
He says the wind will also be a major risk that officials will be monitoring.
Riverhead Town Supervisor Yvette Aguiar says the town's emergency command center will probably be operational Friday afternoon until the storm subsides.
She says it's good that the storm falls on a weekend, when many don't work and will be able to keep their cars off the road.
"We encourage everyone to stay home, watch their animals, make sure they're not outside and tend to their neighbors, especially the elderly," Aguiar says.
Local shops say they have seen residents come in to buy shovels, ice melt, salt and other products ahead of the storm.
The storm is expected to hit late Friday and into Saturday.