Rockland business owners decry proposed school tax hike

A $186 million proposed school budget for the North Rockland School District has business owners up in arms at the possible tax hike.
The district needs an increase which, by itself, would raise school taxes for homeowners somewhere between $230 and $325. However, the Mirant Company stopped paying its taxes in North Rockland two years ago after filing for bankruptcy. Now, the county is left to pick up the tab until a settlement can be reached. Because of Mirant, the district needs to add another $15 million to the budget, which means business owners could be looking at school tax increases of $1,800 to $2,400.
District officials say voting no on the budget will force the district to use a contingency plan, that would cut $1.9 million from the budget, but the savings to home and business owners would be as minimal as $100. Voting for the budget will be on Tuesday, May 16.