Rockland family pivots to safely spend holidays with elderly grandmother

A Rockland family is sharing their holiday experiences during the pandemic after being apart from their family matriarch for the first time in 30 years.
Cousins Kayla Colby and Tricia Fairclough say the helped coordinate a surprise for their 89-year-old grandmother in Blauvelt this year. On Christmas Day, the family gathered outside her home with a banner and visited from afar.
They tell News 12 that while it was not the same as their large gatherings in the past, it was equally as special, but in a different way.
"This year, not being together was really weird for us,” says Fairclough. “We know it's hard for everyone but we wanted to make sure she felt as loved as possible even though we couldn't be together like we normally are."
The cousins say instead of doing their usual secret Santa exchange, their family donated money to present their grandmother with an $1,100 check to her favorite charity.