Rockland NRA member files complaint after anti-gun sign left on her lawn

An NRA member in Rockland County has filed a criminal complaint with police after someone allegedly left an anti-gun sign on her front yard the day after she helped to host a local NRA fundraiser.
Charlotte Swift says she feels scared and violated after someone allegedly left the sign outside her Nanuet home.
Swift discovered the sign the day after she helped host an NRA fundraiser Sunday in Pearl River.
An anti-NRA fundraiser held Sunday attracted several hundred protesters. Many of them, says Swift, tried to intimidate attendees. 
“Someone said we were being called murderers and terrorists and that we had blood on our hands. These are horrible things,” she says.
Protest co-organizer Joseph Coe said he didn’t hear any of those chants and the chants he recited were about the national NRA.  He added that that he does not encourage intimidation or trespassing, and that he has no idea how the sign showed up on Swift's property.
“No one really knows how it got there. But it's not something we're encouraging. We have much more productive things to do. We wouldn't know how to find NRA members. There's no listing,” says Coe.
Swift, who filed a criminal complaint with Orangetown police Tuesday, says she is also unsure how the sign surfaced on her front lawn.
Orangetown police say they have assigned detectives to investigate the complaint and see if a crime was committed. So far, they say, this is the only suspicious incident that's been reported to them.