Sen. Schumer gives boost to United Auto Workers picket line in Tappan

Members of the UAW Local 30-39 have been on strike against Chrysler's parts distribution center in Tappan since last Friday.

News 12 Staff

Sep 26, 2023, 9:52 PM

Updated 299 days ago


The United Auto Workers strike is impacting workers in the Hudson Valley.
Members of Local 3039 have been on strike outside of Chrysler's New York Parts Distribution Center in Tappan since last Friday. On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer paid them a visit and joined them on the picket line.
"It's nice to see politicians supporting us," said autoworker Vin Parisi.
The support meant a lot to the chapter's president, Jeffrey Purcell. He said his chapter is striking to fight for a fair contract and better working conditions.
"Basically, Stellantis was unwilling to meet some of our requirements that we wanted as far as fair pay, fair wages," Purcell said.
They are demands that autoworker Fred Furbeck says all working and middle-class employees deserve.
"Everything is so expensive. We can't live in this economy, now, with the money we're getting," Furbeck said.
Purcell said they've had members at their strike 24/7 since Friday and they are prepared to picket for as long as they need.
"It's been a tough weekend in the rain and the storm and stuff like that. We lost two tents," Purcell said. "But, I mean, as long as we have to be out here to get our point across, to get our fair and equal wages, we'll be out here."

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