September 11th victims' families push for complete 911 calls to be released

The chilling 911 calls made from the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 were released in part Friday. But victims? families are pushing for the complete calls to be revealed.
Under a court order 130 calls made to 911 dispatchers were released to the public, however, only the dispatchers conversations were revealed. The side of the conversation with the victims will only be given to individual families after they ask for it. Many victims? families and emergency personnel who survived the attack want all the calls released in their entirety.
The calls reveal different advice given from operators. Al Fuentes, a retired FDNY captain who survived being buried in the rubble on 9/11, says he fears lessons will not be learned unless the full conversations are heard. Fuentes says emergency communications procedures must change or lives will be lost.
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