SPCA: 60 dogs found living on Montgomery farm sanctuary

Hudson Valley SPCA Humane Law Enforcement officials tell News 12 that 60 dogs were found Wednesday living inside a residence at Bella Acres Farm and Sanctuary on Plains Road in the Town of Montgomery.
Authorities were investigating allegations of animal overcrowding and abuse after several videos, taken by a concerned neighbor, surfaced on Facebook last week showing multiple dogs on the property and the owner seemingly shaking one of the dogs while it was on the ground.
News 12 reported on the concerns Aug. 11 and spoke to the owner, Jason Miller, about the videos.
He admitted to having eight dogs and said he was trying to revive one of them after it was attacked by another dog and lost consciousness when he was seen on video during the recorded incident.
SPCA officials say the dogs are well-cared for with plenty of food and water and that there’s no signs of abuse.
They say the investigation has been referred back to the town.
Miller was recently issued multiple tickets by the town for barking complaints and overcrowding after police say he was seen on video with 14 dogs.
Authorities say Miller is operating as an unauthorized kennel without a permit, which is required for more than four dogs.
They say the Town of Montgomery Building Department is considering additional violations for 56 unlicensed dogs on the property following the SPCA’s findings.