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SPCA Westchester continues rescue efforts for cats in White Plains apartment

Officers have so far discovered nearly 40 terrified cats living in filth and garbage.

Feb 15, 2024, 11:05 AM

Updated 98 days ago


The SPCA Westchester is continuing to try to rescue cats from horrific hoarding conditions in a White Plains apartment.
The SPCA's Humane Law Enforcement Unit received an urgent call from a White Plains landlord after neighbors began complaining of a horrific smell emanating from an apartment in their building.
"It was pretty overwhelming when you go in. You basically have to be in hazmat suits because the air's really not breathable," says Lisa Bonanno, of SPCA Westchester.
Officers have so far discovered nearly 40 terrified cats living in filth and garbage. Cats have been found in the ceiling, in furniture, and all of them are dehydrated. Most of the cats are sick and suffering from severe upper respiratory and eye infections. SPCA officials have reported that one of the cats gave birth to a tiny kitten who is clinging to life and was found on the cold floor, amidst mounds of feces.
Food and water stations have been set up, but rescuers say it will take days to capture all of the animals.
SPCA officials say the person who lives in the apartment is an elderly woman and that this is not a case of intentional animal cruelty."In a lot of these cases, sadly people think they're doing the right thing.  They get in way over their head, sometimes they get embarrassed to call for help," explains Bonanno.
There's no word yet of any arrests involved with the case, but SPCA officials say they are focused on saving every cat and getting them out of the apartment. They are also asking for help in the form of donations as they expect veterinary care will cost thousands.

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