Spring Valley residents displaced by Christmas storm claim landlord neglected apartments for years

Spring Valley residents claim their landlord has left their apartment building to deteriorate for years.
The storm from Christmas Day left apartments at 8 and 20 Rose Ave. with unlivable conditions. Ceilings have been ripped apart and chunks of the building's roof flew off into the parking lot.
Wilfredo Macadellos says the condition of his apartment has been declining for four years, though Friday's storm did the worst damage.
He says a water leak led part of his ceiling to collapse. He ended up having to toss many of his belongings, including the Christmas presents for his kids.
The property owner put Macadellos' family in a hotel, but Erlin Madrid says the landlord told him the apartment is safe.
"Here, it's not a safe place," Madrid says. "I'm afraid the ceiling will fall down on me while I sleep." He says there is now also mold growing outside his bedroom.
The village building inspectors came after Lieutenant Dennys Alvarez from the Salvation Army called.
The property is owned by JCW Management. The landlord had no comment for News 12.
Crews hired by the landlord just started to make repairs on Wednesday.
However, Madrid says he's worried after the years of neglect. "The level of importance that the owner gives us is not sufficient, in our view," he says.
Residents say they hope the new year brings new change to their building.