Staff Picks: Competitive paintball fields call tri-state home

By: Jay Lederman/News 12 Digital   
Anyone living in the tri-state knows how popular outdoor recreational activities are.
From fishing to hiking or baseball, there's something for everyone. But there's one outdoor sport that's been around for decades, and its evolution from the woods to the field is taking the northeast by storm.
The world of competitive paintball is nothing new, and the game has been played since the 1980s.
When most people think about paintball they imagine a group of weekend warriors dressed in camouflage running through the woods slinging paint filled pellets at one another.
Although this is still the most common way paintball is played around the world, those seeking to leave the woods for greener pastures may end up finding artificial ones instead.
Astroturf and inflatable bunkers make up the current landscape of competitive paintball, also known as speedball.  The fast-paced adrenaline rush utilizes teamwork, communication, and marker skills.
It’s no mystery why speedball appeals so many players in the northeast.
Some of the best outdoor fields in the world are in the tri-state. 
Battle Creek Paintball in West Milford, New Jersey has one of the cleanest fields around, and Matt’s Outback Paintball in Coventry, Connecticut is even home to a professional paintball team, New York Xtreme.
If you ever had interest in playing paintball, the fall is the perfect time to get outdoors and head to a local field to give it a shot.