Story of police-involved shooting of Kenneth Chamberlain to hit silver screen

The story of one of the most notorious police-involved shooting deaths in the Hudson Valley is about to hit the silver screen.
It's been 10 years since Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. was killed by White Plains police.
On Tuesday , a special movie premiered, bringing his story to a national audience.
Through all the glitz and glam, it was a bittersweet night for Kenneth Chamberlain Jr.
"I have not mourned my father's death since he's been killed because I've been fighting, so it's never stopped," he says.
He's been pursuing justice for 10 years, and now the world gets to see the fruit of his labor.
"The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain" feature film is now screening in White Plains, the city where his father was born and killed.
On Nov. 19, 2011, White Plains police were called to the home of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. after his medical alarm went off.
Soon after, the 68-year-old Black man and Marine veteran with bipolar disorder allegedly confronted the officers as they entered his home.
That's when police tasered then fatally shot him.
Ultimately, a judge ruled in favor of White Plains police.
"Westchester County has its own George Floyds," says Kenneth Chamberlain Jr.
The film has some pretty big star power.
On board as an executive producer is Morgan Freeman, and starring as Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. is Frankie Faison, known for his role in "The Wire."
Last year, the Chamberlain family won for an appeal, so they will be trying Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.'s case again in court - this time with District Attorney Mimi Rocah.
The film will officially be released Sept. 17 in select theaters and video on demand.