Student rap video at Middletown H.S. prompts police investigation

A student rap video shot on the Middletown High School campus is raising controversy for alleged anti-gay lyrics and concerns a bodyguard with the group may have been armed with a gun. 
The student rappers shot the video and made several social media posts on campus in February with approval from administration. 
Parents say one of the videos shows a bodyguard with a firearm in his waistband. 
They say the shoot was inappropriate for school and that the lyrics included the use of the N-word and anti-gay remarks that made LGBTQ students and teachers uncomfortable. 
The Middletown school district says the students recorded on campus before without incident but have since been suspended and banned from recording on campus again. 
They said the case was turned over to the Middletown Police Department because of the firearm allegations.
News 12 reached out to police several times for information but has not heard back.