Suspects arraigned in shootings of 2 NYPD officers

Two suspects were arraigned Wednesday following Monday night's shooting of two NYPD officers in the Bronx.
Officials say suspected shooter Jason Polanco, 24, is being charged with attempted murder of five officers, armed robbery and carjacking. Police say his accomplice, Joshua Kemp, 28, is being charged with armed robbery.
The incident occurred on East 184th Street shortly after 10:30 p.m. while the officers were responding to an armed robbery.
Police say Polanco was picked up on Tuesday after a number of tips came in from the public. 
Investigators say Polanco accidentally shot Kemp, who was taken into custody after going to the hospital.
Officer Aliro Pellerano, a 38-year-old from Rockland County, was released from Saint Barnabas Hospital on Wednesday after being shot in his left arm and side. The other officer, 30-year-old Andrew Dossi, will remain at the same hospital after sustaining gunshot wounds to his back and left arm.
Prosecutors also say that Polanco carjacked a Camaro after firing at officers. Investigators say he tried to shoot the people in that car, but his firearm failed to discharge.
Investigators say that both Polanco and Kemp have a history of arrests.
Polanco's parents broke out into tears in the courtroom. His attorney says that both of his parents are pastors.
Kemp's mother says she is so sorry for what happened to the officers and she blames herself for what happened.
Polanco has been remanded and will be held without bail. Kemp is being held on $200,000 bail.
Both men are due back in court on Jan. 12.