“Taking The Lead” profiles Ann Mara Cacase, co-owner of the NY Giants

Despite the pandemic, the NFL season starts tomorrow, and News 12 has one woman's perspective on the season. 
As co-owner of the NY Giants, Ann Mara Cacase speaks to our Lisa LaRocca in "Taking the Lead," News 12’s Women's Leadership Series.
Raised in Westchester, Ann talks about growing up in the Mara family football dynasty and shares some personal anecdotes.
"My mom was very good friends with Vince Lombardi's wife. They, my parents and the Lombardis, were all married at the same time. Vince Lombardi asked to sleep on my father's couch one night because he got into a fight with his wife. Mother said "OK, if it's just for one night." I think he was there for two weeks and my mother was like “Is he ever going to leave?””
Ann admits that while owning a professional football team has its own perks, it's not a glamorous hobby and takes a good deal of hard work. Ann says her parents tried to instill a strong work ethic in all 11 children, who were raised in a strict Catholic household. “Everyone understood spoiled bad behavior was not tolerated.”
She credits her upbringing to who she is today. “My father used to say, "To whom much is given, much is required.”  My mother and father are definitely my heroes. My father was a leader. They showed us, by example, on respecting life and being kind and how kindness can make such a difference in someone's life.  Don’t be a follower. Be a leader. Don't be a watcher and count what everybody else has. Be happy with what you have, and you won't have any problems in life.”
You can watch the full half-hour special tonight at 7:30 p.m. on News 12.
Ann Mara Cacase talks about being a quiet leader, her work off the field helping inner city boys get a top-notch education, and an inside look at how the Giants are handling the pandemic.