Tarrytown Music Hall implores lawmakers to let it reopen to limited audiences

Tarrytown Music Hall executives want lawmakers to compromise and let venues reopen to limited audiences.
The venue has been closed for six months due to the pandemic. Workers say they understand why they had to remain closed but want to start bringing people together again.
"You're going to have to let us open in some capacity, or you're going to have to figure out a way to support us because if everything goes down, it's going to be an economic blow as well as an artistic one," says Bjorn Olsson, executive director of the Tarrytown Music Hall.
Places like Levity Live Comedy Club are also finding it hard, but have found a way for the show to still go on. The venue is holding shows in the parking lot of the Palisades Mall.
"The new way of laughing and clapping is they're flashing their lights," says Matt Tucker, general manager of Levity Live. "They're honking their horns."
The way it works is audience members park and tune in to a specified radio station to here the comedian. The only problem is once the weather gets cold it will be hard to perform outside.
People in the music business say one thing they are concerned about is that when they reopen music lovers will be afraid to come.