Teens accused of kidnapping Hillcrest girl closer to going to trial

Three of the four teenagers accused in a kidnapping for ransom plot in Hillcrest were told by a judge Tuesday to prepare for a trial.
In April 13-year-old Mara Downes was walking home from the school bus when investigators say Jamal Siler, 14, his Donald, 19, and Chantia Marshall, 18, grabbed the girl and threw her in the back of a car with a plan to request a ransom from her family. Downes was found hours after the abduction in the trunk unharmed, but her family says the emotional scars are still there. Family members say the fact that the suspects were not showing any remorse made it difficult to be in court. Mitzie Mijangos, 17, was arrested with the others but is only charged with attempted burglary since investigators say she tried to get into the Downes? home a few weeks before the kidnapping.
All three are scheduled to be back in the courtroom September 18. At that court apprearance, hearings will take place on whether to allow statements made by the suspects to police during the trial.
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