Tenants complain of lack of heat in frigid weather

While many Bronx residents are heading indoors to keep warm during this bitter blast of cold weather, some University Avenue tenants say they are just as cold inside their apartments.
Many residents of the 144-apartment building on University Avenue say they have been without hot water or heat for more than three months.
The management company put in a temporary boiler, but residents say it hasn't helped.
They say management has put up signs promising to restore heat, but nothing has been done.
Some residents who spoke with News 12 say they are keeping their stoves and ovens on at all times.
They say despite being a major fire hazard, they feel it is their only option because building management has only given them one space heater per apartment.
The building management company released a statement saying the building is undergoing a $13 million renovation. "Part of that renovation is to fix and upgrade the heating system throughout the building and install a new gas-fired boiler," the statement said.
In the meantime, management says workers on-site are finishing repairs on the temporary boiler.