Thunderbolt 12: Mother Nature set to land 1-2 punch as major flooding threat follows snowstorm

As the Hudson Valley digs out from its first major snowfall of the season, Mother Nature is set to land the second of a 1-2 punch as another significant storm is expected on Tuesday.
Officials are asking residents to make sure storm drains are clear of ice and snow in anticipation of torrential rain and the potential for flooding.
White Plains is one of many communities that have crews out today checking all catch basins to make sure they're not blocked by snow, ice, and other debris to make sure water flows through.
"We're just concerned about the rain coming in. We have over 3,000 catch basins to maintain, and we have over 200 outfalls to maintain also," says Ciro Buffone, Acting Superintendent of Water and Wastewater.
Contributing to the problem is that the ground is already saturated given how much rain has soaked the region in recent weeks.
"That's our biggest concern because the ground's not going to take any more so that's going to run off into the street and that's when the catch basins are going to be in high demand," explains Buffone.
DPW officials tell News 12 they are also concerned about trees laden with heavy snow as winds with gusts up to 50 mph are likely to cause wide power outages.
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