Ticketmaster to pay $10 million fine for illegally accessing computers of rival CrowdSurge

Ticketmaster is finding itself in hot-water. The entertainment company now being forced to pay a $10 million fine to avoid prosecution for illegally accessing the computers of its rival CrowdSurge. Ticketmaster employees repeatedly accessed its competitor's computers without permission, using stolen passwords in order to collect business intelligence. The agreement will resolve the company's five criminal counts, including wire fraud, conspiracy and computer intrusion.
Peloton is mixing things up with its latest feature. The at-home fitness company is testing its own exclusive music, as part of a new year's promotion. To kick off the launch, Peloton is debuting three new Elvis remixes, which were created in partnership with musicians Chromeo, Big Boi, and DJ Dillon Francis. Among the remixed tracks include the Elvis songs "Catchin' on fast," "Do the vega" and "Clean up your own backyard."
If you're a fan of watching UFC fights, be prepared for some price hikes on Disney's ESPN Plus next year, the streaming service will raise the price of its UFC pay-per-view events by $5, from $64.99 to $69.99. This marks the second time that ESPN Plus has upped the price of the UFC events. When the service first debuted in 2018, the events cost just $60. Additionally, Disney is hiking the price of its ESPN Plus subscription by 20%, jumping from $49.99 to $59.99 per year.