Time travel to a hidden gem in Yonkers that predates Revolutionary War

A piece of Yonkers history has been sitting right off Tuckahoe Road for decades before the Revolutionary War. 
The oldest tenant farmhouse that predates the founding of our country still stands today right in the City of Yonkers and Loren Chaidez with the Yonkers Historical Society is showing us around on this Road Trip: Close to Home.
"Welcome to Sherwood House, our museum! Our Sherwood House was built in 1740, it's a colonial-era home that was privately owned first by the Sherwood family," says Chaidez.
Every corner you turn, tangibly connects you with stories you don't hear very often in Westchester's largest city -- more than 280 years ago.
"We're in one of the oldest rooms in the house right now, this is the kitchen. A lot of the artifacts in here are typical of what a colonial home in 1740-1750 would've had," explains Chaidez.
While much of this national historic landmark has been restored, you'll notice parts of the foundation surprisingly still sound.
These rooms can make you feel like you are time traveling through a treasure trove of artifacts.
And it's thanks to the Yonkers Historical Society that opened these doors in the early 1960s for people to learn about the impact history that has made to bring us here today.
Tours are free on Sundays, from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. until late June.
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