Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin: Economic relief checks are ahead of schedule

-Nationwide daily numbers remained flat over the weekend, President Donald Trump said.
-Dr. Anthony Fauci said even though last week was really bad, there are some areas that are flattening. 
-Trump played a video showing politicians praising his work during the time of the pandemic. Video also knocked media groups, like the New York Times.
-Trump said he would not fire Fauci even after he retweeted someone who said "Time to #FireFauci."
 -Trump said he and Fauci have been on the same page since the beginning. He said he likes controversy. 
-1,300 additional ventilators were brought in Monday, Trump said.
-"No one who has needed a ventilator has not gotten a ventilator. No one who has needed a hospital bed has not gotten one. That's not even our responsibility," Trump said.
-5 flights came in Monday delivering PPE.
-U.S. has done 3 million coronavirus tests.
-There many be a delay in Census deadlines due to COVID-19.
-Economic relief checks are ahead of schedule said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchi.
-"They can't do anything without the approval of the president of the United States," Trump said of the governors.