Tuckahoe Black veterans at risk of losing VFW due to lack of members

The Acie Jeffress Veterans of Foreign Wars post is a monument to the great accomplishments of Black people in Tuckahoe. Mustered in 1932, it is considered the Village's only Black organization.
It is not just a place to meet, but also a community service group with a long history of giving back. Now, all that the group stands for is at risk.
Quartermaster Reverend Edward Stowe says membership has suffered over the past few years, and the ongoing pandemic has not helped.
At one point in time, the VFW had to expand – but now, it's gone from about 50 members in recent years to 10. Without more members, the VFW won't be able to continue.
People in the Washington Street neighborhood, such as Adrienne Michel, of the Tuckahoe Juneteenth Committee, hope residents can help by encouraging any veterans to join and help keep the institution alive.