Two women hold chair, vice chair positions on Westchester County's Board of Legislators for 1st time

Two women in Westchester are making history in politics.
In honor of Women's history Month, News 12 spoke with Legislators Catherine Borgia and Nancy Barr who were elected as chair and vice chair of the county Board of Legislators in January.
While both positions have been previously held by women, this is the first time both are occupied by women at the same time.
Both Borgia and Barr say they see themselves as leaders who want to listen to ideas and find consensus.
"I think the leadership style is a little bit different. Certainly, my leadership style is flatter less hierarchical," says Borgia.
"I think people here think of me as somebody who sort of bridges the gap," says Barr.
Borgia is only the second woman to serve as chair.
The late Lois Bronz chaired the board 20 years ago for one term.