TX Sen. Ted Cruz stirs controversy with comment about Bronx border

A United States senator from Texas is causing a stir in the borough after making some controversial comments about New York.
At a conservative rally on Saturday, Sen. Ted Cruz compared the contentious border between Texas and Mexico to the border between the Bronx and Manhattan.
Cruz was criticizing New York Sen. Chuck Schumer's stance on border security, saying people who live in Manhattan should be worried about Bronx residents flocking to the island.
In response, Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. released a statement saying, in part, "Ted Cruz's willingness to traffic in the outdated stereotypes of past decades is disgusting, and is totally devoid of truth... The Bronx has seen unprecedented positive growth in recent years... Grow up, Sen. Cruz."
City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito also expressed distaste with Cruz's statements, saying, "It's sad that Ted Cruz would use tired and wrong stereotypes about the Bronx to try to advance his extreme political agenda."
A difference in views on immigration sparked Cruz's comments. Cruz says he does not want illegal immigrants to become citizens. Schumer recently outlined an 8-year plan to help illegal immigrants attain citizenship.
In addition to criticizing Schumer at the rally, Cruz also decried President Barack Obama's immigration policy as "lawless."