Voters express the explosive divide inside the country

The tight race for president only magnifies how explosively divided the country is while in the middle of a pandemic.
News 12's Samantha Crawford was on Facebook Live during election night at our Digital Desk talking to voters.
It’s been a passionate race from start to finish with so many different opinions.
"I spoke to a number of panelists Tuesday night about what's at stake in this election and what issues are at the top of people's minds," says Crawford.
Pace University Professor Kiku Huckle predicted what will happen in either outcome of the election. “Unfortunately regardless of who wins, there is a large amount of civil unrest on both sides. That is a possibility. What is certain though is that there is going to remain this great deal of polarization,” says Huckle.
Republican financial expert Elisa Taylor says she would back Trump if he says the election is rigged. “This year, between COVID-19, the increase now if mail in ballots. Regardless of who wins, I think they would have a rightful plane to contest it."
Mental health worker Jeante Jackson says what makes America, America is at stake. “I truly believe democracy is at stake. What's happened over the last four years has been like a complete erosion over the trust in government and the American people. Media has taken a huge hit. We need to be able to get back to a place where we can have this course where there isn't this huge polarization and people feeling like it's us versus them."