‘Warning sign’ - Yellow cluster zone expands in Rockland County

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday afternoon that the COVID-19 hot spot in Rockland County is expanding to include Pearl River, West Haverstraw, Stony Point and Suffern.
He says the efforts are meant to contain the spread of the virus, which has been on the rise in the region.
"Targeted restrictions – so you don't disrupt the economy where you don't need to disrupt the economy,” said the governor. “It’s also a warning sign for that community."
The warnings aren't much stricter than the statewide restrictions that went into effect last week.
In a yellow zone, businesses and restaurants can still operate, religious services are limited to 50% capacity and mass gatherings are capped at 25 people.
Indoor gatherings, however, are still capped at 10 people, a rule imposed across the state.
"The driver [behind the virus] has been parties, gatherings, schools, youth sports,” says County Executive Ed Day.
Active cases in Rockland are still the highest in Spring Valley and Monsey, which have remained under restrictions since October. With holidays on the horizon, there's concern the newest yellow zones could be the beginning of more lockdowns. 
"I'm hopeful we are able to navigate through this, but we have to understand, we have to live with this virus. It’s not going away," he said.