Waverly Avenue Bridge in Mamaroneck to close for 10 months starting Friday

Drivers are advised to utilize Hoyt Avenue as an alternative route during this period.

News 12 Staff

Nov 30, 2023, 12:28 PM

Updated 237 days ago


Starting Friday, the Waverly Avenue Bridge in Mamaroneck is set to undergo closure for approximately 10 months as part of its replacement due to safety concerns.
Drivers are advised to utilize Hoyt Avenue as an alternative route during this period.
Crews will replace the span and widen the channel to mitigate flooding in the area.
The bridge was first shut down and began construction in late October.
That was quickly stopped when the Village of Mamaroneck's mayor determined the project was creating a massive traffic jam.
He asked the Town of Mamaroneck, who is funding the project, for more money to help deal with the traffic.
As News 12 reported about a month ago, that caused a bit of a dispute between the two.
That has now been solved. The town will reimburse the village to provide police protection in the area. They've agreed to a sum of just over $100,000, which is much lower than the initial $700,000-plus request.
This entire upgrade project will cost the town about $4.5 million.
While it will cause some traffic woes, residents whom News 12 spoke with are thrilled that the project has resumed as flooding has been a major problem for years and this project is expected to provide some relief.
"It's heartbreaking and it's tiring, we are very tired," said resident James Abbate, of the Washingtonville Neighborhood Association. He said constant flooding in the area is hurting homeowners and businesses. "This has been happening since the 70s, so this is the first time that they're actually starting to do something, and we are happy about that."
"There is only so much you can survive," said Dean Bellatoni, owner of UFC Gym. He said construction has put his business in a tough position. On one hand, they've been devastated by flooding and are happy to hear dredging might help. On the other hand, their business is located right on the closed road. "Hopefully, the traffic is distributed properly, we can get the new members in the door. Hopefully, no one gets deterred because of massive traffic during parts of the day."
Bellatoni added that police plan to let his members drive to the gym just like they did during the first closure.
Police and signs will be around to help with traffic guidance once the closure occurs.

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